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20th Exchange between Phoenix, Himeji (Japan) Photographers

Photographers Toshikazu Matsushita and Masaya Yamamoto will travel to Arizona in January, 2020, to photograph for the 20th exchange exhibition between photographers in Phoenix and its sister city of Himeji, Japan, under the sponsorship of Through Each Others Eyes™.

The Japanese photographers will arrive in Phoenix Jan. 21, 2020, and photograph the cultural life and landscape of Arizona until Jan. 29. They will be hosted by TEOE photographers Brandon Sullivan and Claudia Johnstone, who will then travel to Himeji and Western Japan in the spring of 2020. In the 19 exhibits completed to date, nearly 2,000 images have been exhibited displaying the differences and similarities of cultural life in these two cities.

The trip to Japan will be the first TEOE exchange for Claudia Johnstone, and the second exchange for Brandon Sullivan—who participated in the 9th exhibit between photographers in Mexico and Arizona earlier this year.

The exhibit of the 20th exchange images is scheduled for the fall of 2020 both in Phoenix and in Himeji. There will be multiple displays of these images, and please revisit our website and Facebook page for additional information on exhibit receptions.

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