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Cairns, Queensland, Australia


150,000 people—the 14th largest city in Australia.


Cairns is on the Coral Sea on the east coast of Far North Queensland.  It is 1,500 miles north of Sydney and 50 miles south of Port Douglas.

Historical Information: 

Cairns was founded in 1876 and named after William Wellington Cairns, then governor of Queensland. It was built to serve miners heading for the Hodgkinson River goldfield, but declined when an easier route was discovered from Port Douglas. It later developed into a railhead and major port for exporting sugar cane, gold and other metals, minerals and agricultural products from the surrounding coastal areas.

TEOE Exchange: 

Cairn and Scottsdale, AZ, are sister cities, and through that relationship contact was made with the Cairns Photographic Society.  TEOE President Bob Rink contacted the organization, which selected Alex Pirez and Tim Warnock to travel to Arizona in  March, 2014, to photograph baseball, Native Trails dancing, the Grand Canyon, and life in Phoenix.  Bob and TEOE photographer Jim Marshall flew to Australia in September of that year to photograph the Cairns Festival, the rain forest, and the Great Barrier Reef.   


Phoenix - Australia Photo Exhibit

The date listed is the year of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


September, 2015  -  Bob Rink, Jim Marshall - Phoenix

Alex Pirez, Tim Warnock - Cairns

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1,300,000 (Canada’s third largest city)


It is situated at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the south of the province, in an area of foothills and prairie, about 50 miles east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies.

Historical Information: 

The Calgary area was inhabited by the Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan and the Tsuu T'ina ethnic peoples for centuries before 1787, when cartographer David Thompson, a Hudson’s Bay Company trader, became the first recorded European to arrive.  In the early 20th Century settlers flocked to the area to “homestead” land, making agriculture and ranching key components of the local economy.  The world famous Calgary Stampede, a rodeo held each July, celebrates this ranching history—although the energy sector now employes a large number of Calgarians.  Calgary and Phoenix became sister cities in 1996.

TEOE Exchange: 

With assistance from the Phoenix Sister Cities Commission, Through Each Others Eyes photographers asked two Alberta photographers, Peter Carroll and Royce Howland, to participate in a photo exchange.  Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Ken Ross traveled to Calgary in July, 2012, photographing the famous Stampede in addition to the people and the landscape  of the area.  Peter and Royce photographed in Arizona in the spring of that year


Phoenix - Canada Photo Exhibit

The date listed is the year of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


November, 2012  -  Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Ken Ross - Phoenix

Peter Carroll, Royce Howland - Calgary

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Chengdu has 10,400,000 people, while Zhengzhou has a population of more than 7,000,000."


Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, is considered the largest, most influential city of South Central China. Zhengzhou, in Henan Province, is located in central China.

Historical Information:

Chengdu - The city has existed by name at the same location for more than 2,000 years. Taoism traces its roots to this area and city, and Chengdu is the birthplace of the tea culture, the place where the earliest paper currency in the world was issued, and the home of 8th Century Poet Du Fu. Chengdu made international news in 2008 when it suffered a devastating earthquake which killed more than 60,000 people. Phoenix and Chengdu have been sister cities since 1986.

Zhengzhou - Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, serves as the political,

economic, technological, and educational centre of the province--as well as being a major transportation hub for Central China. The city center lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River.

TEOE Exchanges:

In 1999 Errol Zimmerman and Linda Enger of TEOE traveled to Beijing and Chengdu to begin an exchange between Arizona and Chinese photographers. They shot the markets and cultural life in Chengdu, the famous Panda Preserve, and the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Chinese government in Beijing." In 2008, with connections through Board Member Karen Dickinson and the non-profit

Global Interactions of Phoenix, Through Each Others Eyes partnered with SIAS University near Zhengzhou for its second exchange with Chinese photographers, sending Karen Shell and David Schmidt to photograph for the 2009 exhibition.


Phoenix - China Photo Exhibits

The dates listed are the years of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


January, 2000  -  Linda Enger, Errol Zimmerman - Phoenix

Wang Xuecheng and Zhou Yongliang - Chengdu

May, 2009  -  Karen Shell, David Schmidt - Phoenix

Bao Xinghui, Nick Li - Zhengzhou

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Havana, Cuba




On the northwest coast of Cuba, roughly 100 miles south of Florida.

Historical Information: 

With many colonial architectural structures dating back to the mid-1500s, Havana is important for its history, music, world-famous cigars and rum, and the vibrancy of its population. Although it is difficult for Americans to travel to Cuba, various exchanges have enabled U.S. citizens to join visitors the world over in exploring the museums, historic churches, and bustling street life of Havana.

TEOE Exchanges:

In 2001 Bob Rink traveled to Havana and met with photographers

connected to Fototeca, a cooperative of photographic artists, after which Niurka Barroso and Raul Cañibano traveled to Phoenix to document life in Arizona.  Bob and Michael Norton traveled to Havana later that year for an exhibition held in 2002.


Phoenix - Havana Photo Exhibit

The date listed is from of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


May, 2002  -  Bob Rink, Michael Norton - Phoenix

Niurka Barroso, Raul Cañibano - Havana

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Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic


1.2 million


The center of the Czech Republic, located between Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland.

Historical Information:

Prague has been a European political and commercial center for more than a thousand years. Prague is famous today for the architecture of its historic center, among them Prague Castle and the many churches and centuries-old structures along its narrow streets. Prague and Phoenix have been sister cities since 1991.

TEOE Exchanges:

With the assistance of Jiri Vsteka, a Prague photographer who exhibited his pictures in Phoenix in 2005, the photographers of TEOE were introduced to two prominent Prague photographers, Ivana Matejkova and Jeroslav Böhm. In the autumn of 2006 Ivana and Jeroslav assisted TEOE photographers Michael Norton and Dean Stevenson as they documented the landscape and people of Prague.  The Czech photographers visited Phoenix in 2007, and the exhibits were held hoth in Prague and Phoenix in 2007.


Phoenix - Prague Photo Exhibit

The date listed is the year of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


March, 2007  -  Dean Stevenson, Michael Norton - Phoenix

Ivana Matejkova, Jeroslav Böhm - Prague

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Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, at the foot of the French Alps where the Drac River joins the Isère. Located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble is the capital of Isère and an important European scientific center.  Grenoble and Phoenix have been sister cities since 1988.

Historical Information: 

Grenoble's history goes back over 2,000 years, to a time when it was a small Gallic village. It was a walled city during the days of the Roman Empire, and became the capital of Dauphiné in the 11th century.  Grenoble remained for most of its history a modest parliamentary and garrison city on the borders of the kingdom of France, and in the past century became famous due to the popularity of winter sports.  The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in Grenoble.

TEOE Exchange:  As a board member of the Phoenix Sister Cities Commission, then TEOE president (and co-founder) Errol Zimmerman traveled to Grenoble in 1992 with the hope of establishing a photo exchange.  A number of photographers were interested, but years passed without progress being made.  In 2015 TEOE photographer Kerrick James worked diligently to start the exchange and received a positive response from Grenoble photographer Sylvain Frappet, who traveled to Arizona to photograph in May, 2016, taking photos in Phoenix and northern Arizona.  Kerrick and TEOE photographer Dean Stevenson traveled to Grenoble in September of that year, and two major exhibits of the exchange were held in 2017. 


Phoenix - France Photo Exhibit


May, 2017  -  Kerrick James, Dean Stevenson - Phoenix

Sylvain Frappat - Grenoble

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South of Galway, north of Limerick in Western Ireland.

Historical Information:

Ennis is intimately linked with the O'Brien family, descendents of Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland. The O'Brien ancestral castle of Dromoland is a few miles from Ennis. The capital of County Clare, Ennis celebrated its 725th Anniversary in 2015. Phoenix and Ennis have been sister cities since 1988.

TEOE Exchanges: 

With the financial support of Shamrock Foods, Inc., the exchange program with Ireland began in 1999 when TEOE photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Norton travel to Ireland and later hosted Ennis photographers Veronica Nicholson and Christy McNamara.  The second exchange was six years later, with the Ennis exhibition placed in the newly constructed City Cultural Center in 2006.


Phoenix - Ireland Photo Exhibits

The dates listed are the years of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange.


March, 2000  -  Jim Marshall, Michael Norton - Phoenix

Veronica Nicholson, Christy McNamara - Ennis

March, 2006  -  David H. Smith, David Schmidt - Phoenix

John Horgan, Sarah Houlihan - Ennis

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CATANIA, italy




At the foot of Mt. Etna on the east coast of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Historical Information: 

Founded in the 8th century B.C., Catania was a flourishing Greek community and later a Roman colony. Today an important industrial center, it also boasts large citrus orchards. Points of interest include Bellini Gardens, named for the 19th Century composer born there (composer of “Norma” and many other operas); Ursino castle, built by Emperor Frederick II; an 11th Century cathedral; a

university founded in 1444, and an observatory. An ideal time to visit is late spring and autumn as the citrus "gardens" are in full bloom.  Phoenix and Catania have been sister cities since 2002.

TEOE Exchange:

The exchange grew from a Phoenix Sister Cities connection to Catana photographer Riccardo Lombardo. In 2005 TEOE Associates Peter Ensenberger and Karen Shell visited Catania in February, and Riccardo photographed in Arizona during April. The Phoenix exhibit was held at Phoenix City Hall in October, 2005, and the Catania exhibit was held at the Benedictine Monastery in that city in October, 2008.

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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico




180 miles south of Nogales, Arizona.

Historical Information: Hermosillo became the state of Sonora's capital in the 18th

Century when Mexico was a colony of Spain. It is famous today as centers for industry,

agriculture, and the arts, and its Catedral de la Asunción is a central point for sightseeing.  Hermosillo and Phoenix have been sister cities since 1974.

TEOE Exchanges:

In 1994 TEOE approached Ramón Corral, then president of the

Hermosillo Photo Group, to seek support for an on-going photo exchange. Many

exchanges and exhibits have followed, including TEOE's first "triangle" exhibit of

photographers in Japan, Arizona, and Mexico in 2002. The Mexico exhibits are held at the Museum of Arts in Sonora (MUSAS), before traveling to the Museo Costumbriste de Sonora in Álamos.

Exchange Coordinator in Hermosillo: Juan Luis Fernández and Juan Casanova


Phoenix - Hermosillo Photo Exhibits

The dates listed are the years of the inaugural Phoenix exhibit of the exchange exhibitions.  The Mexico exhibitions were held usually in the same year.


May, 1996  - Jeff Topping, Alex Stricker - Phoenix

Conrado Quezada, Juan Luis Fernández - Hermosillo

September, 1998  -  Don B. Stevenson, Ryan Stevenson, Errol Zimmerman - Phoenix

Felipe Valenzuela, Jesús Antonio Soto - Hermosillo

May, 2001  -  Michael Norton, Karen Shell, Kerrick James, Will Jones, Bob Rink, Linda

Enger, Errol Zimmerman - Phoenix

Haruhiko Shimauchi - Himeji, Japan

Juan Rubalcava, Rafael Ramirez - Hermosillo


February, 2002  -  Triangle Exhibition:  -  Scott Baxter, Ken Ross - Phoenix

Tadatoshi Sakamoto, Yoshiyuki Sanada - Himeji

Juan Luis Fernández, Jesús Antonio Soto - Hermosillo

September, 2005  -  David Hunsaker, Paul OʼNeill - Phoenix

Edith Reyes Freaner, Hermosillo

October, 2007  -  Dennis Scully, Maurice Sartirana - Phoenix

Antonio Rodríguez - Hermosillo

May, 2010  -  Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Art Holeman - Phoenix

Enrique Yescas, Juan Luis Fernández - Hermosillo

June, 2012  -  Mark Lipczynski, Art Holeman - Phoenix

Natalia Trejo, Alexander Potiomkin, Hermosillo

June, 2016  -  David B. Moore, Jason Grubb - Phoenix

Juan Ruibalcava, Luís Gutiérrez - Hermosillo

October, 2018  -  Gina Santi, Brandon Sullivan - Phoenix

Juan Casanova, Dionisio Corral - Hermosillo

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