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Through Each Others Eyes™ takes pride in being a part of our local communities here in Arizona, and we show our appreciation by always giving back.


For example, each spring our photographers have photographed students at the campus of Children First Leadership Academy. For over 20 years TEOE has partnered with McKenna Pro Imaging of Waterloo, Iowa, to photograph and print the pictures of classes and individual student’s portraits completely free of charge!


In 2024, students in the Cosmetology program at the East Valley Institute of Technology joined in and gave of their time and expertise to make sure each child looked their best before the photo was taken.


From the hugs and smiles of the children and the many thank-you notes received, the photographers of TEOE, McKenna Imaging and the EVIT stylists know how much their efforts are appreciated!



We warmly welcome recommendations of schools, nonprofit organizations, or other youth groups that could benefit from our service.

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