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​Through Each Others Eyes™ promotes cultural awareness by creating home-stay exchanges with photographers from different countries. The photography that is created becomes a free public print exhibition, displayed at least once in each country, and celebrates people and simple scenes of daily life: people, places, work, relationships, festivals and celebrations.


In organizing each of these exchanges, Through Each Others Eyes™ seeks two foreign photographers who support our mission of documenting a different culture from the viewpoint of an outsider. They are invited to Phoenix, where they are hosted in the homes of our members and taken to locations, activities, and events of significance that they wish to photograph. The hosting photographers in Phoenix provide transportation and pay all expenses, and the foreign photographers return the favor when two Phoenix TEOE members travel to their country. ​Taking pictures for the exchange lasts one to two weeks, and each of the four photographers provides twenty 16×20” prints to exhibit. Each public exhibition has at least one showing in Phoenix and one abroad.


Associate photographers of Through Each Others Eyes™ are chosen on their photographic ability and their dedication to the mission of the organization. A new photographer will have guaranteed participation in exchanges with photographers in Japan and Mexico, as well as other countries as opportunities arise. The photographers meet monthly, serve on committees, participate in community service projects, and assist in finding venues, publicizing, and setting up TEOE receptions and exhibitions. Photographers also work with the Board of Directors to source funding for the organization. Apply to join our team here.

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