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In 1994 TEOE approached Ramón Corral, then president of the Hermosillo Photo Group, to seek support for an ongoing photo exchange. Many exchanges and exhibits have followed, including TEOE's first "triangle" exhibit of photographers in Japan, Arizona, and Mexico in 2002. The Mexico exhibits are held at the Museum of Arts in Sonora (MUSAS), before traveling to the Museo Costumbriste de Sonora in Álamos. Exchange Coordinators in Hermosillo: Juan Luis Fernández and Juan Casanova

October 2018

Gina Santi, Brandon Sullivan - Phoenix

Juan Casanova, Dionisio Corral - Hermosillo

June 2016

David B. Moore, Jason Grubb - Phoenix

Juan Ruibalcava, Luís Gutiérrez - Hermosillo

June 2012

Mark Lipczynski, Art Holeman - Phoenix

Natalia Trejo, Alexander Potiomkin, Hermosillo

May 2010

Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Art Holeman - Phoenix

Enrique Yescas, Juan Luis Fernández - Hermosillo

October 2007

Dennis Scully, Maurice Sartirana - Phoenix

Antonio Rodríguez - Hermosillo

September 2005

David Hunsaker, Paul OʼNeill - Phoenix

Edith Reyes Freaner - Hermosillo

February 2002 - Triangle Exhibition

Scott Baxter, Ken Ross - Phoenix

Tadatoshi Sakamoto, Yoshiyuki Sanada - Himeji

Juan Luis Fernández, Jesús Antonio Soto - Hermosillo

May 2001

Michael Norton, Karen Shell, Kerrick James, Will Jones, Bob Rink, Linda Enger, Errol Zimmerman - Phoenix

Haruhiko Shimauchi - Himeji, Japan Juan Rubalcava, Rafael Ramirez - Hermosillo

September 1998

Don B. Stevenson, Ryan Stevenson, Errol Zimmerman - Phoenix

Felipe Valenzuela, Jesús Antonio Soto - Hermosillo


May 1996

Jeff Topping, Alex Stricker - Phoenix

Conrado Quezada, Juan Luis Fernández - Hermosillo



You can help us make a difference in our local community and across the globe! From volunteering your time at an upcoming event to purchasing a photo print, your gift is a valuable show of support for TEOE. All proceeds are used for new exchanges and exhibits, educational programs and community service activities.

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