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Jason Grubb (a.k.a. Jehu) was born the year of the Monkey. He recited his Bachelor of Science from Kent State University in 1992. He then took his camera and went west to see where he might land. After a couple years of exploration he decided to make Phoenix, AZ his home. In late 1994 he started to work in the Phoenix area as an assistant and later became a full-time photographer for a commercial photography studio in Phoenix. After 5 years he decided to start Camerawerks with Jon Bailinkie and move to the downtown Phoenix area where he immersed himself in the growing art scene and commercial photography world. He has his own original and eclectic take on photography, mixing socially acceptable and unacceptable situations using his own analytical and humorous approach. In 2004 he and 3 partners opened Legend City Studios with is a downtown studio/art space. His personal and commercial photography appears in national ad campaigns, magazines, art shows and personal collections. His passion is to bring awareness to what we as a society choose to ignore.

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