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Although a career educator, Errol Zimmerman has been a traveler and photographer since his military years in Asia during the Vietnam War. Pursuing his study of Asian history and the Japanese language, Zimmerman and his family lived in Japan for two years during the 1980s as he completed language study and photographed Japanese cultural life. In more than 20 trips to Japan since his first visit in 1970, Zimmerman has traveled through all but two of Japan's 45 prefectures, has published his photographs in two prominent Japanese photographic journals (Camera Mainichi and Asahi Camera), and exhibited his photographs of Mexico in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka for a 1990 exhibit sponsored by GIP Publishing and Canon. In the past decade, he has switched his photographic interest to Mexico where he has held two recent exhibitions. He is inspired by visiting other cultures, and his life goal reflects the mission of the organization:  guiding people toward a greater understanding and appreciation of cultures different from their own through photography.

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