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TEOE at Puente de Hózhó School in Flagstaff

For the second year in a row, photographers of the renowned Phoenix-based photo organization, Through Each Other’s Eyes –TEOE, in conjunction with equally renowned Flagstaff photographers and Puente de Hózhó School in Flagstaff, provided photo instruction to fifteen fifth graders.

The students captured various aspects of their lives during a week, and after careful critique and selection two images per student were chosen. The grand opening of the exhibit took place this past Wednesday, April 6. It was well attended by the proud students, their families, school personnel and members of the community at large. As a memento of their participation in this fun and educational project, each student received a print of two of their choice for them to keep.

TEOE is very thankful to all who donated their time and effort to make this worthwhile event possible, and plans to continue with the project in the future.

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Through Each Others Eyes™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that encourages people around the world to understand and appreciate diverse cultures through photography.

Through Each Others Eyes™ International Center for Cultural Education is making the world a better place through photography.  The Center coordinates photographic exchanges, educational programs and traveling exhibitions to help people around the world understand and embrace cultures different from their own.

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