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Art pursues his passion for travel and black & white photography with Through Each Others Eyes™ by documenting the everyday lives of a culture from an outsider’s perspective. A member since 2006, Art has been active in all aspects of the organization, from setting up exhibits, to taking portraits at Children First Academy, to participation on the fundraising committee. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as Chair of the Associate Photographers, representing the photographers in board issues.

Art has also participated in Through Each Others Eyes™ exchanges by hosting photographers from Japan and Mexico and shooting black & white portfolios in Himeji, Japan, Perugia, Italy and Sonora, Mexico. He is intrigued by the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of black & white photography and by composing a strong image without the distraction of color.

Originally from Michigan, Art Holeman lived in Iowa and Nevada before settling in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1986. He has shot commercial advertising and editorial projects for over 30 years, specializing in home interiors, landscapes, architecture, food, products and portraits. He enjoys the challenge of transforming three-dimensional objects and spaces into two-dimensional images that retain the feeling of the original subjects. His photography has garnered numerous national awards, including appearances in Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Graphis, and other publications.

Art’s hobbies include traveling, cooking and woodworking. He and his wife Chris have a daughter Erica and son Alex. 

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